Freebies for high reviews

What are your thoughts on companies and product makers offering free things such as items, software, privileges and other rewards for high rated reviews left in return? 

  • Its good to give things out. I won a razer mouse years ago and I’ve purchased many things from then since. I would have never probably if I hadn’t won the mouse. 

    im not so sure about a high rated review because then its just fake. Anyone can say good things just to receive a reward. I think its terrible honestly 

  • I do and don't have a problem with this based on the premise, allow me to explain.

    If the free product is provided in the exchange of an honest review, I believe that is acceptable. For example I have been provided HUGE discounts at resorts and hotels in exchange for my honest review of their facilities and amenities.

    With that said... I don't believe it is acceptable of the manufacturer/company nor the reviewer to accept something for free in return of a favorable review. For both parties your integrity can/will be compromised. Years ago I was faced with the situation of being required to write a favorable review of a mountain resort that was HORRIBLE. The situation occurred in 2017 and still to this day is the worst place I've stayed in my life. And I served for several years in the U.S. Army across the world and yet this place was still worse.

    What I'm trying to say is, people read reviews assuming they are honest! The reader or watcher is genuinely trying to ascertain if they should purchase a product, engage in a service, or patronage an establishment. We are nothing without integrity! And if a company/entity/manufacturer is willing to offer you something for FREE in exchange for a good review, plain and simple, the company or product is HORRIBLE, and they know it!

    Although I will admit... if Lenovo offered me a free laptop in exchange for a favorable review, that would be difficult (not impossible) to turn down.

  • I feel like that's for the influencers/affiliate people. I'm fine with the idea of it, because honestly it only creates hype and good vibes towards the company. I always do my own research on products because of that, so I don't mind possibly receiving an item for free. Obviously though I'll only speak about it if it's a good item. 

  • Sounds alot like paying someone to give you a good review rather than doing something or making something worth the five star review in the first place. 

  • I've done a few "we'll send you this product, leave a review" type things for a company that I can't name due to an NDA.  Nothing major, just some like mobile accessories.  Left honest reviews, 3-4 stars, nothing given a 5 star.  And they still keep reaching out.  I think it's a matter of the company looking for honestly, which is cool.  I don't agree with great reviews just for the sake of getting something free.

  • Not a problem, as long as there's full disclosure and transparency in giving reviews.


  • Free products for a high rated review is deception.  I have received free product and only left a truthful review.  If I bought something based on a paid review and it was junk, I would not be very happy.

  • Leaving good reviews in turn for free items and incentives ruins the whole integrity of a review. I've run into this sometimes buying stuff on Amazon and they email me saying things like leave a 5-star review and we will compensate you with a $15 gift card. 

  • Such quid pro quo arrangements are inherently dishonest. Giving a product for an honest/no-strings review is fine, altho biased, but requiring a level of rating is not. And I'll never take an alleged "influencer" at face value. 

    For larger ticket items, I'll trust Consumer Reports or similar independent agent's review over paid reviews. 

    Maybe I'm old school, but make a quality product, sell it at a fair price, stand behind it, and treat your customers well.