Freebies for high reviews

What are your thoughts on companies and product makers offering free things such as items, software, privileges and other rewards for high rated reviews left in return? 

  • Very shady and results in reviews you can't trust. I got a product to review once, left my honest opinion, and the company contacted me asking if I'd take my review down because I didn't rate them high enough. I didn't take my review down and felt pretty annoyed even being asked to do so.

  • marginalizes the value of reviews.  

  • I've gotten offers before specifically on Amazon for these. I never did them. It's disingenuous and one of the reasons why the Fakespot extension comes in clutch to analyze all those reviews and give a deception percentage. Makes it easier to tell if the seller/product is genuine or not. These sellers realize tactics like these will falsely inflate their product in searches, always research these third-party sellers.

  • Not a big fan of the practice, though I have taken companies up on the offer and then wrote a real honest review that wasn't always 5 stars. Some got mad, and some honored their offer. Regardless, I always reviewed them honestly.

  • It's dishonest, and I hope it goes away if it's still going on. 

  • I have not heard of this, but I agree with the general consensus. I have not rated anything on amazon because of my limited experience. I don't want to influence the next shopper to get the same junk product I was tricked into by a 4.8 star average. I would consider participating in this scheme and edit the rating after the "check cleared" if it turns out to be cheap trash.

  • I don't think I could do it. It seems super disingenuous. 

  • I think is bad, it make doubt a lot of the products because I don't if is a honest opinion or they did it for receiving rewards, they could just said the best things the product has to offer and avoid or said the least of bad things about that product.

  • I thinkSpeech balloon it's terrible. I always reply to those kinds of offers that I will gladly give my _honest_ review if they wish to provide the product. They never respond.

  • This is a bit of a tangent.  The "company" in my story is an Amazon-seller — but, not the manufacturer of anything.  Well... the seller did manufacture a lie — for the product's title and description.  So, maybe they are a "manufacturer"? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I left a 1-star review, after an Amazon-seller bait-and-swtiched my order.  They sent me an easy-to-find (and cheaper) item, in place of the item I ordered.  The products are both made by Arm & Hammer, but one is easy — and relatively cheap — to buy in bulk.  The other is not.

    I paid $70 for for something I could have bought for $40, at Costco or Sam's Club.  The items even arrived in a Sam's Club box — shipped to my home directly from Sam's Club.

    After Amazon refused to accept a return or refund the purchase¹ — "cannot accept returns on pressurized gas" — I gave an in-depth 1-star review.  The seller contacted me, stating that they refunded the charge — requesting that I change my review to 5-star, in return.

    I refused.

    ¹ Amazon once refunded my purchase of two 12" Woofers, because they were incompatible with my speaker-cabinets' wiring.  The seller did not accept returns, but Amazon refunded the purchase, anyway.  I still have two (unused) 12" Woofers sitting in boxes, somewhere in my house.  Why did Amazon refund $150 for speakers I couldn't use (or return), but didn't refund $70 for the wrong (and overpriced) nasal spray I couldn't return? smh