Why be a Stray (game) When You Can Be a Copycat!

Did you have fun and enjoy the game Stray? Well here's another game for the awesome cat lovers!

Copycat is a touching narrative driven adventure where you’re a newly adopted cat who is replaced by a copy-cat.

Copycat is a narrative-driven feline adventure where you play as a cat. You are Dawn, a cat who has recently been adopted by an elderly lady called Olive. You were planning on running away into the world, but Olive is actually very nice to you so you stay. However, complications arise when Olive gets ill and you get replaced by a sneaky copycat.

The tale of Dawn, a sceptical shelter cat who would much rather be in the wild than be readopted again. Dawn actually believes she is a wild cat. And plans on escaping as soon as she gets the chance. But should you as Dawn stay with your adoptive mother and be a good cat?

Currently Steam has a free demo of Copycat, and it's a bit of fun for the cat lover gamer. Check it out, it's cute and fun https://store.steampowered.com/app/1622350/Copycat/ 

  • This looks fun thank you for sharing

  • This looks fun thank you for sharing

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