like the title says

  • Uhhhhhh... no offense, but if you are trying to win the latest contest, I think... although I'm not sure, Lenovo audits a winner before officially announcing.

    What I'm trying to impart is an individual's posts must add to the community, and be a benefit to it. I believe that is one of the contest rules! In a basic sense, even IF, your name were drawn as a winner, if the majority of your posts are like this... you'd probably lose and Lenovo would draw another name in place of yours.

    Can you imagine if the majority of posts here were one word original posts and one word replies in order to win a Lenovo device?

    However, I will admit... I have no idea...maybe Lenovo only cares about drawing a name and no audit is done...  Mods, would you care to weigh in?

  • You're right on the money - low effort posts like this disqualify you from winning sweepstakes, and also results in suspensions from MyLenovo Rewards. Please put a bit more work into your post Slight smile

  • Thank you for clarifying  before I saw the original post I was going to pen a post asking how the "drawing" of winners proceeds. My thought was, "Does Lenovo first draw the winners, then audit the winner's posts to see if they (the winner) are a legitimate winner?" Orrrrrrrr... is an entrants claim on points

    validated or disapproved shortly after the claim of the point(s)?" It appears it would be a nightmare to audit each person's claim of leaving a comment. You don't need to tell us/me how the "secret sauce" is made. Nonetheless I'm SUPER curious.

  • Gonna mirror  and say that that yes, regardless of the medium, entries and potential qualifying winners are vetted to ensure all the required steps to win are done properly/correctly. We appreciate the effort people put in with their discussions and comments and require all to do the same as it pertains to prizes especially. We want to foster a community that provides a wealth of information and connection or those who wish to participate in it Blush 

    If you ever see anything you're concerned about, don't hesitate to let us know or report it so it can be handled Thumbsup Thank you for being here!

  • I've been tempted to report posts before, but I only see the option to "report as abuse." Is that just a catchall to also include spam posts?

    What about threads posted in the wrong group like the growing number of posts in the freebies group that have nothing to do with freebies? Is there a way to get them moved into the appropriate group?

  • Thank you  

    I admit, for a couple of months I was thinking, "If one of these people who consistently writes BS posts wins a good giveaway prize...."

    Would you mind permitting me a curiosity question?

    Allow me to preface it by saying a thriving community benefits us, the end users of Lenovo products. Considering the resources and capital spent to assure a thriving community develops here, how does it benefit the bottom line for Lenovo? In a basic sense, how does Lenovo benefit from having an active online community in this "space"?

  • Report as abuse is a catch all, yes. I typically try to look at the context to why something was reported too before acting on them.

    You can always tag me on posts that should be moved too! That's the best way if you see something posted in the wrong spot, or if you accidently do it yourself, things happen!

  • I find it to be really simple. Things like these are created as a great point of contact with both the brand and people who enjoy it. It helps various parts of Lenovo learn more about the people who purchase or do business with us, what they want out of experiences and products, and sometimes allows for direct communication, like this, to engage and create a space for those who enjoy the brand, gaming, or simply hosting discussions or looking to learn new things. We've hosted a few surveys/polls to gather valuable information that can then be converted to future product changes, types of giveaways people want to see more, even one that helped influence the Lenovo Community Awards results on favorite products. I find it to be a constant handshake and a mutual thing, benefiting everyone either directly or in the future.

  • You more or less got it - I simply validate any winner's posts to make sure all of their entries were valid, high-quality submissions after they're drawn. Thankfully it's not usually too time-intensive since most folks here are legitimate with their entries, only a few rare oddballs out there Slight smile

  •   and  I love how this original ... shall I dare say, BS thread

    has organically turned into productive conversation!

    Count me in if you'd like to send a poll or survey my way. And .... uhhhhhhhhhh (clears throat)...  some of us would LOVE LOVE to see another configuration for the truestrike controllers. Imagine a left controller with a trackpad as well (of course the buttons in that spot would need to be moved beside the existing buttons) or a different option for the left controller in which the Dpad are buttons like the Switch ... thereby allowing the controllers to be detached for a couch coop game on the Legion Go. Endless possibilities!

    But I digress! Wink