"URAGUN" Game Keys by Lenovo

Lenovo will be dropping "URAGUN" game keys on this week.

There will also be a raffle which opens in a few days.

More info on:  Quests 

Good luck and share your thoughts about the game!

I think it's cool, thanks Lenovo!!

  • Our goal is to do more game key giveaways every 2-3 weeks moving forward Slight smile

    Don't forget you can also win/redeem the keys on our Twitch streams!

  • That's really cool, thank you!!

    I watch the streams on Twitch every once in a while! 

  • I managed to get a key on today's drops!

    If you didn't manage to get the game today, try again on Thursday's drop or at Lenovo's Twitch channel (like Ben commented yesterday)

    Wish you all the best!!

  • Glad you got a key Eduardo! Best of luck to everyone else on Thursday Smiley