Anyone ever actually won anything on Gleam?

Hey y'all! Just curious if anyone has actually every personally won anything on gleam? Seems like you enter all these giveaways all the time and never win - or maybe you do, and the email gets sent to spam and you never see it!? If you have won, any issues seeing the email in time or were you watching email like a hawk? 

  • It depends on who is doing the giveaway, but you should get an email if you win. Those I have won never went to spam and it was easy to spot since I check my email regularly for work/school. 

  • They do seem like spam harvesters mainly, lol. No, have not been so lucky as yet.

  • I have won a Seiko watch years ago from a gleam giveaway.

  • Haven't been lucky enough, but will keep trying.