Has anyone ever won more than once?

lightning strike twice on someone?

  • I've won multiple times from certain Twitch streamers. In fact, I just received a new giant LED mouse pad from a certain well-known hardware/peripheral company yesterday. I've also won swag bags from at least 3 companies so far. But my biggest win was last year during Intel Gamer Days. I actually won a really nice desktop gaming computer!! Keep entering, they really do give away those prizes!

  • I’m still trying to win once.

  • I've won various contests over time. From a PC to a case of brownies. Here I've won different games when there has been contests.

  • I think in most giveaways, when someone has won, they get placed on a list that makes sure that if somehow they do get drawn again that it's rerolled just for fairness. I'm not sure about how Legion does their giveaways, but that's what most giveaways on Twitter/X does! As for me, still trying to win once!

  • I think my favorite story of this type is the Aussie guy who won the lottery, then got asked to recreate the sign for the news, and won again on camera.

  • Depends on what your referring too i guess. If your talking about here, I have gotten multiple games before

  • On here, sadly no. Elsewhere I won my Switch from a Twitch streamer, and some pads of Watercolor paper from a watercolor newsletter. 

  • Nope i never win haha

  • I have won a couple of things online from twitch or twitter but on here from the giveaways not yet, but I'm hoping I will!

  • That's interesting to know, that sounds fair. I wonder if it goes for across the Internet since most giveaways use the same app, what is it, Gleam.io or something.