Biggest Giveaway Win?

My biggest giveaway win was an Asus ROG Evangelion-02 special edition PC that I won, its a monster build with an Intel i9 14900 and RTX 4090. I could never justify spending that kind of money on myself so its an amazing win and replaced a 9 year old PC. Share your biggest giveaway wins here! Has anyone won anything big in 2024 yet? Looking forward to hearing from you all :)

  • I won a PS3 and a Chromebook back in 2011 from Slickdeals giveaways. That was the last thing of any real value I've won, besides some of the free keys from here. 

  • I won an rtx 4090 last year, with a couple steam keys for games

  • ***, now that is a win!!! Congrats. My biggest win was a Radeon 7900xt.

  • I have been a contest giveaway manaic.  I have entered many contests for years from publishers clearing house to hgtv, to etc..........  My biggest win is well ummm. hmmm, ...... nothing LOL.   Must of misplaced my luck.

  • Last year, I won a Virtuoso Pro headset. My previous headsets felt like cheap plastic toys compared to it. I'm not an audiophile and I don't spent much on those types of things. It meant a lot to me when I received it.

  • That is an amazing win. Hoping for anything similar to date.

  • Luck off the charts 

  • I was lucky enough to win a Lenovo Y700 laptop some years back!  That was probably my biggest prize.

  • I won 500 Domino's rewards points. That's a few pizzas.

  • Nice man!

    So far this year I won a custom mechanical keyboard and a icraft motherboard. Though with those wins, I’ve had a few tough things happen as well so it’s been a neutral year so far