[Amazon Games] (Game) Blade Assault [Free via Prime Gaming]

Price: $17.99 Free (Free until March 6)


Fight against the corrupt military of Esperanza as part of the resistance force.

  • Upcoming:

    • February 29 - Gravitar: Recharged [Epic Games]
  • Thanks for the heads up Richie!

  • Aww, man, it seems that this is a repeat because it says that I've already collected it on Aug 11, 2023. That's the first repeat from Prime I've had. Thanks for the heads up anyway, I forgot to check today.

  • Yeah, I also claimed it the first time around back in August as well. Six months seems pretty soon for a repeat already. I'm also a little bummed there hasn't been any new Dead by Daylight or Roblox codes lately from Prime as well.