Lenovo Membership

I am excited to join the Lenovo Group. Looking forward to seeing all that is available.

  • I it a great community that  is fun and entertaining with perks as well.

  • Hello  Welcome to the community, it's good to see more people joining. Often I'll get my information about my favorite Lenovo product from Discord or Reddit, yet I must admit, the people here are infinitely less shall I say...toxic.

    I became a member of the community here because of my favorite Lenovo product... the Legion Go, but have stayed because of an aging Lenovo Linux gaming laptop and my Ryzen business laptop, plus the people! Drop by some of the other groups and explore.

    Which Lenovo product dropped you here?

    Oh... and I almost forgot... pay attention the contest rules. They may not be as simple as you might think they are.

  • Welcome to a resourceful community.