FREE Discord Nitro 1-Month for anyone who hasn't had it in the last year

Use this code if you have not had Discord Nitro in the last 12 months.

To redeem in the App go to User settings - Gift Inventory - Enter code - Redeem 

Code: Cbw5-APTu-GnxK-95b9-sJMb-envC 

  • Have you used Discord Nitro before? Is it worth getting? I also received a code for a free month but haven't redeemed it yet since it also requires entering a credit card for renewal and I didn't want to remember to cancel if I didn't like it.

  • You can actually cancel right when you redeem/activate and it will not renew at the end. You'll get to keep the subscription just for the duration of having it :) 

  • Thanks for the heads-up! Do you find Nitro worth having?

  • Thanks for the heads-up! Do you find Nitro worth having?

  • Not really unless you are in charge of a large Discord server. If you are just a regular user who spends your time with friends then the only benefit is the mini-games you can play with your friends. As long as one person has nitro they can start up a game and all your friends in the server can join you.  

  • Thanks for the info! If I don't end up using my code soon, I might post it here as well if there's seems to be an interest for another code.

  • They did a free event for a month or so awhile back. While some of the games were surprisingly fun, especially on mobile there really wasn't anything to justify it to me.