Microsoft Rewards

If you are not aware Microsoft is giving away a $15k vacation.    I do daily quizzes and read some articles as part of my morning routine.     Share your freebies!  

  • I wait till I have a 1,000 points and enter one Microsoft's giveaways, like the one mentioned here. 

  • I need to get back to Microsoft Rewards. I used to frequent it years ago, but didn't find much benefit.

  • I typically save my points up for gift cards.

  • Sweet thanks for the heads up

  • I've been using Microsoft Rewards since last year but I don't trust contests, just an entry cost many points, like 60%-70% what you do in one day. I only use it for earning points to spend on gift cards. Thanks for the news though, and good luck everyone!

  • Thanks for the info!

  • I get Items from the Microsoft rewards for League Of Legends for My Teenage druthers.