Do you think that consoles will ever get better at gaming than a pc or will Pc's stay the best for gaming at high frame rates and for competitive gamers.

  • I think PC's will always stay on top, primarily because a console would have to be very large in order to compete.

  • They would have to release a new console every 6 months with the latest hardware to even come close.

  • PCs will secure their spot once 4k 144hz games on high settings can be played on $500 rigs. 

  • I don't think they will ever beat out the PC due to release schedule of Consoles.  I do think they serve an important role for gamers who don't want to tinker with all that you can do in PC gaming.  I see them as a gateway tool into PC gaming especially when they see the mods that are available on PC, the higher fps, the backwards compatibility that allows you to dream of completing your backlog...

  • Maybe eventually but Pc will always remain a versatile tool

  • In my opinion PCs will always be superior because of the amount of hardware that can be fit into a case compared to a console.

  • I was thinking the same thing, they release a new console what every 5 years? no way to keep up with the latest and greatest that way.  They need to make Consoles modular

  • I just don't see  a way they can cut the lead time enough on consoles for them to be able to keep up with the speed of computer upgrades.

  • The newest generation sure is giving high frame rate gaming a run for its money with choices of quality/performance modes.

  • with games always graphically improving consoles will never catch up, but with the switch to x86 and more standard PC components I think they offer a good value for the money - that will outperform lots of PCs