Dota 2

Is it possible to play Dota 2 with this console without use the mouse and keyboard? Even without remove the joysticks ?

  • Possible to play? Yes.

    Possible to be competitive and play well? No, you need keyboard and mouse.

  • Could you suggest me where I can see the set up to play without keyboard and mouse but just with the console ? Thanks so much 

  • Sure, you could... But you probably shouldn't try to play ranked. It won't be fun for you or your team, and given how toxic MOBAs can be, it might get ugly.

  • I guest it will depend on the player, I prefer to play with a controller, my son don't have preference. I think you are talking experimental VR, that you don't need joysticks, controller, mouse or keyboard, you will still need a PC. Other wise I don't see how.

  • I can barely play it on PC, so a controller sounds like a nightmare.

  • haven't  playe the game since covid 19

  • It's possible, but I would not recommend playing on Ranked haha

  • To play for recreation yes. To play competitively you'll likely want to dock the device and use a keyboard and mouse.

  • I agree with other's here, you NEED a keyboard and mouse to do it right.