[Blender] (Game Dev Assets) Blender Market 10 Days of Giveaways [Free]

The Blender Market is celebrating their 10th anniversary with 10 days of Blender asset giveaways from June 10-19.


One giveaway per day, so grab them while you can.

*Just a heads-up, so far it looks like the gifts have not been the full commercial versions of the assets. Day 1 was an alpha version of RetopoFlow 4 and Day 2 is a "birthday gift" version of Population - Human Crowd Simulation. It does look like you can claim the gifts and download them at a later time from your account though, so might as well add them to your digital library while they're free.

Day 1: RetopoFlow 4 Alpha

Day 2: Population - Human Crowd Simulation · Birthday Gift (2% of Population)

Day 3: Chat Companion

Day 4: Divine Cut | Smart Cloth Generator V2 · Birthday Gift (1 Month Free Use  (Limited Asset Library))

Day 5: Better Lighting V2 - Light Presets And Gobos Library

Day 6: Baga Pie | Architecture & Vegetation, Rocks, Trees · Birthday Gift (20 assets)

Day 7: Shaders Plus - Caustics, Thin Film, Dispersion For Cycles & Eevee (V4) · Birthday Gift (Shaders Plus v3 + Modules)

Day 8: Cubicity: Creating & Utilizing Asset Libraries With Blender

Day 9: Cloudscapes V2 - Hyper Realistic Vdb Clouds And Explosions Collection · Birthday Gift (13 VDB Clouds)

Day 10: Auto-Rig Pro · Birthday Gift (3.70.31 Snapshot Version - No updates granted)

  • "Today's Gift - Chat Companion

    Be more efficient, get help, code faster and get answers to questions with this AI campanion tool. The full version of Chat Companion is free just for today!"

  • I noticed that the product page defaulted to the "free" version. Make sure you select the "Birthday Gift" version as it looks like that's actually the full version they're giving out today.

  • Good call. Got that one, too. Thanks for the warning. I will know to watch closer next time.

  • DivineCutTm is a Blender tool that helps you create clothes for your character(s) with a few simple clicks. 

    It comes with a simple cloth generation feature, along with a number of user-friendly yet powerful tools to quickly get you from a simple cloth to complex in minutes.

     1 Month Free Use TadaTada (Limited Asset Library)

    1 month free? Does that mean a short trial period tempting me to buy a subscription? Starting today or when I crack it open? Got 2, just in case.

  • Yeah, it looks like it's just a 1 month trial version with a limited asset library.

    So far, I haven't been too impressed by their giveaways with all these "birthday gift" versions. It looks like Chat Companion has been the only full version software, so far. Let's hope we get some more full versions soon.

  • Better Lighting V2 - Light Presets And Gobos Library (Full Version)


    Better Lighting is a lighting tool add-on for Blender. It comes with a rich presets library to help you create incredible lighting effects and offers a convenient PieMenu for quick and intuitive light settings adjustments!

  • Bump. Today's Gift Baga Pie | Architecture & Vegetation, Rocks, Trees

    BagaPie focus on environmental and architectural modeling. It introduces tools for ivy generation, scattering, and parametric objects via geometry nodes. Users can also create custom pie menus for their geometry nodes trees via BagaPie's GeoPack tool. This offer comes with 20 high quality vegetation assets.

  • Another "birthday" version. Disappointed

    I hope you got the full version gift yesterday. 4 more days to go...

  • I... I think so? Everything says full. Is it not somehow?

    Still all more than I had.

  • That's the one.