Re-imagining or Re-Formatting Franchises

Is there a game storyline that you could see transitioning from one format/category to another, yet not lose it's essence? 

For example, is there a single person shooter that you could see as a point & click mystery and still be engaging? 

What about a card battle game turning into an rpg where you build 3D sets/teams with animated characters that walk around vs flat card stacks?

This questions goes to branding and how games can attempt to widen their audiences by creating different game types that embody the same or tangential storylines.

Some games have adjusted playing style but have any successfully switched categories?

  • Games that come to mind that could lend themselves to a genre change would be a Castlevania JRPG or a Final Fantasy (based on NES, SNES, and possibly PSX, titles) Rouge Lite. Another one that might be good is Heroes of Might and Magic 3 or 5 as an action RPG similar to Zelda/Secret of Mana/Diablo. Final Fantasy Legend II is an old-school JRPG game that would be great as a card game. This is because robot augments and monster "meat" transforming and upgrading the monsters in your desk would be great and I think really fun. Castlevania II was the first ARPG type of Castlevania. Some people love that game and others hate it or think it's too cryptic, but without it, there wouldn't have been SOTN and similar games for the Gameboy Advance and 3DS. I really like cross-overs such as Aurora in Bloodstained Ritual of the Moon and also shovel knight in this game.

  • Really interesting thoughts in this post on reimagining franchises! I enjoy reading everyone's comments!

  • I could see a Castlevania game becoming a true RPG or even a mission based game where you hunt vampires and other creatures if the night for bounties. Money could be spent on upgrades and maybe hiring party members with different specialities. 

  • Hmm,  lot of heavier story shooters could def do tangent storyline. I'd love to play alternate halo game types. 

  • I would play a Spyro the Dragon turn based RPG.  It seems like a more appropriate format for the kind of stories they were telling in Legend of Spyro.

  • We enjoyed Viewtiful Joe & thought it would be wonderfully remade, reimagines, or reworked somehow for current consoles. 

  • Your example of a single person shooter/point & click mystery made me think of  Call of Duty style hidden object game where you travel Europe spotting other hidden snipers and maybe taking them out. Is that already a thing? Kind of obvious. It must be.

  • I would like to see overwatch turn into a tactical rpg. You already have classes, and skills and units and a general story line that could be adapted. Would be interesting IMO.

  • Check out Tiny Tina's Wonderlands! It is in the Boarderlands series, but plays completely different! It is a great game!

  • I feel like there is too much reimagining today, and not enough fresh storytelling. I prefer to see new material, even if it rehashes old plots. The characters, places, and interactions are what makes a game compelling.