Has anyone had any luck with the giveaways? I have entered hundreds of them and I have only won a swag bag once.

  • I haven't yet after 10 years of entering any giveaway. I hope the day will come.

  • Yeah, I haven’t had much luck either. I’m unsure if it’s a giant loss-lead strategy, data mining method, or genuine interest in giving back to the community… but it doesn’t seem like anyone ever actually wins. 

  • I mean, you won a swag bag. Free stuff? Should be pretty content with that honestly.

  • Honestly, been entering giveaways and sweepstakes and stuff as a hobby since like 2009.  People think I win a lot but compared to how much I enter, I don't win anything.  Think of it this way, if 100 people enter, you only have a 1% chance of winning.  And you know THOUSANDS of people enter.  Read one time that winning one of those HGTV dream houses has worse odds than winning the powerball.  Just to throw some of this stuff into perspective.

  • i havent but im hoping i will

  • i nhave been trying for the laptop. im now trying for the desktop. i would love the laptop but since i really need a new computer, the dsektop will work.

  • I honestly do it just for fun, would be cool to win the desktop though 

  • and dont even get started on publishers times there odds of winning is as high as 3 billion to 1.   I also have entered every  where for many years and never won

  • I have, just keep going if you think it is worth it, but there is never a guarantee! 

  • waiting for legion 7i gen 7