What is your Favorite movie?

Just wondering about your favorite movie please tell me what it is i might watch it or look into it

  • Anything Christopher Nolan is amazing, his movies really make you enjoy a new take on what's possible in modern cinema. 

  • That's a tough one, last I checked though I really love the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Series.

  • Fight Club! Still stands up after all these years. Also - Seven Samurai. SO good.

  • OG Matrix trilogy was great. Not recommend Matrix 4.

  • Wow! There are a few....hmmm. Inglorious Basterds, Joyeux Noel, Dunkirk, 1917, Freedom Writers, mann I don't remember the rest.

  • Heat was very good.  The Usual Suspects was also I thought very good same year

  • LOL. I like old Westerns, like Rio Bravo, and The Magnificent Seven....

  • All the Nolan movies, 

  • All the Nolan movies, check if you've missed any of them and watch them all