What do you hate the most about your favorite game?

My favorite game is Forza Horizon 5, the thing i hate the most about it is losing all your points when you hit an object, sometimes I can't stand it but it's really not that big of a deal... what bout you guys? name your favorite game and the thing you hate about it!

  • My favorite game right now is Pokemon pearl. What I hate most and have always disliked about the pokemon games is that you can't catch all of them. I understand that it is an incentive to get the other games but it would be cool for all of them to be available on 1.

  • My top games are The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and Undertale. Those are perfect by my standards.

    But Pokemon is among my favorites and I think therr are 3 issues:

    (1) You can't catch them all on one game. That's a big issue when you are playing older games. There could be some patch to release them all after a certain time played or years passed in clock. 

    (2) They should have more difficulty options, it's usually too easy. Maybe some configs to tamper with. 

    (3) After game completion, there should be an eadier way to get perfect IVs pokemons besides breeding. And there should have more transparent, easier and faster way for EV training after game completion.

  • GTA San Andreas is a top 5 for me, but I hate the girlfriends and dating mechanics. Never enjoyed having to do the dancing or the driving around to move the story along.  

  • Arcanum? Hmmm. I guess the balance, but it's a single player game so it's not much of a big deal. Harm is completely OP and it's one of the first spells you can learn, ends up being the only spell you use the entire game.

  • My favorite is the doom series.  It's not something that I could call out in out hate but I'm disappointed that the series didn't bring in more of the Doom 3 gameplay and imagery

  • Favorite game is hollow knight, and what I hate is that once you figure out the game....you can't enjoy that struggle again.  

  • I hate that Goldeneye was only on N64, and that they never developed a proper reboot or port, with online features.

    Otherwise the game is perfect. 

  • Almost universally the thing I hate about almost any game is the crazy level of complication that must be built into new games because of the sheer number an quality of game players out there. So many really good players necessitate complex and difficult games. Makes it a ton harder on recreational players.

  • There aren't enough servers. My ping is not that high but it would be nicer to have lower ping while playing it. I know a lot of people with very high ping because of this issue.

  • i hate how the DEVs in apex legends don't fix the bigger problems and work on the smaller ones, like rank rework? really? how about the cheaters and smurfs who deflower the sbmm. and the sbmm has preds and diamonds fighting level 0 noobs.