What hidden gem of a game do you wish more people would (or could) try?

For me, it's Panzer Dragoon Saga on the SEGA Saturn. It's a fantastic (though short) game with incredible atmosphere, a unique battle system, and a gripping story...and it's never been ported anywhere since it was originally released. I love it, and I wish that more people had the opportunity to experience it.

So...what's your Panzer Dragoon Saga??

  • I wished people could try battalion wars for the gamecube. It was such a fun game!

  • Thief: The Drak Project on PC. It was the best stealth game with fantastic atmosphere. I still think the original was best and more people need to play it!

  • One I’ve enjoyed recently is called SCP: containment breach. Fun one to do lay with friends

  • Genuinely it's Battlefront 2015. If you can find the ultimate edition with all dlc's on sale, like I did for $4, it is well worth the money. It looks beautiful, the variety and options for customization of guns and sidearms/abilities is great, the hud is very good, it all just makes a very good original trilogy experience. I help some friends with a server that organizes dlc events.

  • Intellivision had an Advanced Dungeons and Dragons licensed game i think was called Cloudy Mountain that i wish could be played now

  • war thunder, its a very universal game that involves all kinds of military vehicles, planes, armored cars, spaas, tanks, planes, helicopters and more. but people fall to the trash called WOT. its not even a fun game, literally health bars, can allow teammates to steal your kill. but in wt u can oneshot and secure ur kill. 

  • MDK2 is a great 3rd person shooter that also has great writing and game design.  And no one has ever heard of it as far as I can tell.

  • VR gaming in general. I've never had someone try my VR headset and be disappointed about it. Even people who don't play video games end up loving VR. I wish it would catch on more.

  • The Death Junior series on the PSP were some of my favorite portable games. 

  • Chrono Trigger, one of my TOP 5 games for SNES. A lot of people haven't heard of or played Chrono Trigger surprisingly!