What are you reading?

Tell me what you are reading.  Always interested in finding new reads in whatever forms they come in. 

  • Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday; great book!

  • I am reading Influencer: Building Your Personal Brand In The Age of Social Media by Brittany Hennessy. I'm trying to educate myself on how to be more discoverable.

  • The Guermantes Way by Marcel Proust. It's the 3rd volume of In Search of Lost Time. I can't wait till I finish all 7 volumes. 

  • I just read "K is for Knifeball" with my toddler... ha! But right now on fiction, I'm reading Master of Djinn. Not sure if I'm going to bounce off it or not. For non-fiction, reading a Harvard Business Review book "On AI, Analytics, and the New Machine Age"... which I was hoping was more like Terminator than it has been. ;)

  • Just started the book Skyward from Brandon Sanderson and loving it so far.  If you like his fantasy work, I would recommend checking it out. It is Sci Fi

  • The Dexter series of books. Completely different from the series though

  • I'm not reading anything, I don't really read books in general. I can't remember the last book i read through fully, its been more than 10 years. I don't read anything other than social media posts. 

  • I've been reading the Silmarillion recently. It's pretty cool how many notes and little secrets about Middle Earth Tolkein had made, and how his son Christopher was able to put it all together in a coherent package.