What's one thing you'd change about the community forums?

Like the title what would you change about the forms? Me, I would add the feature to add custom profile pictures or at least make it easier to do if this site has it. I remember reading you could a while ago but couldn't find the option to. I think it's a simple change but it would make it easier to recognize people you see often on here other than their name. I don't mind my picture now but it would be nice to use something different sometimes. What about you? Do you have something you'd change or do you think it's fine the way it is? 

  • I'm not a huge fan of the UI for categories. Hard to navigate through them with the huge icons for each. Would be nice to show more posts and categories in 1 page, for both desktop and mobile.

  • I agree! I would like to see more posts on 1 page too!

  • WitNauseated faceh that recent torrent of spam, a report post/user function would probably be wise...

  • Better way to navigate forums, such as newest comments and seeing all of them

  • Is there a mobile app available?


    M0rn1n6St4r avatarI feel the same as you.  I would much prefer the avatar I use everywhere else.

    That said, I understand why they don't allow it.  Think of all the abusive avatars some would choose.  To prevent that, they'd need to put employees (or AI) in place to review all profile pics—before the change is applied in production.

    That's more work.  Which costs more money.

    Would you be willing to trade for that feature?  If Lenovo's Communities pays for it using part of their Giveaways budget?  Such as, one laptop or Legion Go giveaway every other month (i.e. 6 per year, instead of 12).

    Nah. #meneither

  • I like the wallpapers and I wish some of them could be turned into avatars. A mountain peak from the Sunrise wallpaper or the Legion Logo from the Christmas wallpaper would be great. 

  • Layout, not really a fan of the squares more use to the traditional list layouts.

  • Make it easier to navigate, I think I would prefer a list rather than the squares myself as you can fit more topics on a page that way. A report button would be nice as well. When you click on someones profile page, maybe show their posts and comments on the first page, rather than on a different tab. The achievements don't mean much, maybe give them a little more meaning like points rewards for earning them.

  • For me on the mobile version of the app, moving to a different page of the forums is very slow, it brings me to the top but the topics haven’t changed yet so first improvement is to just load pages faster