Profile icon / pic

how did many of us change into a dog with a Lenovo hat recently?

I changed my icon pic but would like a custom one. I can’t remember how to submit one for screening. Some assistance saving an old guy for searching for instructions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • Hey there! Just send me a DM with your preferred pfp and I can update it, so long as it's safe to use Slight smile same goes for anyone here! 

  • I quite enjoy my new profile icon :)

  • I agree. Tbh it was a surprising but good change, very cute compared to the regular legion symbol. A tip of the hat to a fellow Ben 

  • It's Doge doge's beautiful cavnas, and he's setting new standards for everyone.

  • Hey both - we've swapped the default PFP back, but you can still pick the Legion Doge in your profile settings Slight smile

  • I think it was a good fun change. Totally forgot Yesterday was April fool's day. Did that have anything to do with the switch? Either way, was a good way to generate some good conversation. Thanks Ben G.

  • I totally missed yesterday's announcement about the doge pic. The April Fool's joke is now on me. +10, great humor, loving it!

  • I wasnt going to change it but the more I saw it, well I had to make the change to it. GO Doge.

  • It's a really cool avatar. Now we need a cat avatar to compliment it for those of us that love cats too.

  • I briefly had a doge icon, yeah.  For April 1st