What first got you into Lenovo?

When I was growing up my Dad gave me an old Lenovo laptop as a hand me down. I couldn’t play many games on it, but I remember always playing Doom II because it was one of the few games that it could run haha. Any other cool stories about Lenovo?

  • I used Lenovo laptops at work for years and NEVER had an issue, it sold me. 

  • got back into gaming with a lenovo laptop

  • I got a Lenovo laptop a few years back and ever since I've been keeping up with their products and using their site and forums.

  • Good reputation. Been using Ideapads and now owning a Legion for over 10 years.

  • My first PC was a Lenovo laptop back in elementary school. I do not remember what model it was, but I do remember playing Microsoft 3D Pinball Space Cadet on it. 

  • The release of the Go and trying to win one haha

  • I bought an old used Lenovo business laptop like decades ago and was good enough to barely run Halflife back then, and some NES and Gameboy emulated games.

  • My old used Dell was falling apart and wouldn't stay on consistently anymore. Helplessly inexperienced, I asked an IT guy I only knew over the internet for advice. He pointed to one on az, confidently said it would get the job done. He was right. It paid for itself and me for several years. Exposed me to new worlds.

  • We use ideapads at work, but I got my first Legion gaming laptop a few years back around the pandemic because I wanted a 17" screen and Lenovo was most cost effective and reliable brand in that space.

  • I think the first instance that I got into Lenovo was when I got a ThinkPad from work. A very reliable laptop that feels so good to use.