Lenovo Legion

If you could win a Lenovo Legion product, what will you want it to be?

  • I am a huge fan of Lenovo Legion, I am always looking forward to see what's next, I believe they have one of the best lineup of products, but just for this so I can answer this question, If I could win a product I will choose the Lenovo Legion go. I see that in this community there's are lot of giveaways, so I say to everyone, Good Luck.

  • I really would want to win a Legion Go

  • Legion Go! I've been wanting a handheld for awhile now and the Legion Go has been one of the most interesting handhelds to me. If I had the extra cash right now I would pick one up. 

  • 2024 Legion 9i, fully spec'd out! Shoot for the moon.

  • Legion Go for sure or maybe a Legion 9i Gen 9.

  • I would love a Legion Go or a Legion 9i, Legion Go for the awesome portability and the 9i to have a more mobile gaming setup than desktop, but still able to look great at high resolution.

  • Probably either a LeGO or a Lenovo Legion

  • I want to win the Legion GO ,looks like so much fun to use.

  • Easy a Go so I could take it on the go.

  • legion go or monitor or laptop or gaming desktop