What's a game you were hyped for but didn't like it after playing it?

Like the title, I was hyped for Infamous Second Son for years before playing it on my own after receiving a PS4, and I absolutely didn't enjoy the gameplay whatsoever and almost uninstalled it because of how much I was disappointed. I ended up finishing it, but I wasn't happy about the experience. What about you guys? Have you had any experiences like that? 

  • This year it would be Rise of Ronin. 

  • Baldurs gate 3. got stale and tired of it. or got tired of the people i was playing iwth

  • Cyberpunk, Xcom chimera squad

  • Double Dragon on the Nintendo Entertainment System, yes 8-bit. It was nothing close to a port of what the arcade game was that I pumped obscene amounts of quarters in!

  • Starfield was a let down

  • Cyberpunk was the biggest let down, but that's going to be the case for a lot of people, so I'll try to think of something specific to me.  I guess Civilization: Beyond Earth.  I thought it was going to be a reboot of Alpha Centauri, basically, but instead it was like an even blander version of Civilization 5 with worse aesthetics.

  • Battlefield 2042. I hadn't played a BF game since 2, and was pretty hyped. I know that a lot of the issues were down to a bad launch and much has been fixed, but it's just dead to me.