Incognito Mode

Google is being sued for violating the sacred trust of Incognito Mode. Supposedly, you should be able to use it without being tracked, collecting cookies, etc., but apparently they collected all this data anyway.

Do you use Chrome or Incognito Mode? Did you have any realistic expectation that it was as private as advertised? Are you surprised that Google may not be a trustworthy organization, or is this just that thing everyone already knew forever? If not, what browsers do you use instead?

  • I am not surprised and I haven't used it in a long while, because I have known it was not incognito for a long time now. They deserve to get a hefty fine, because they promise it is, while it is not. That is false advertisement and a break of contract. 

  • Didn't they get sued for data a couple of years ago? I'm absolutely not surprised about this and hope they pay a large fine for it. I don't trust any incognito modes on anything since it's the internet and nothing is private on here so this proves me right that none of these are trustable and should be dealt with properly. I don't see anything changing after the lawsuit but I hope more companies get sued if they are selling data or keeping data that's supposed to be deleted. 

  • Am I right in that I heard they are only removing the OLD data they collected? Now they changed their disclosure supposedly so they may still keep/use they data they collect from here on out in incognito mode.

  • Both a little shocked and also not at all shocked.  They made a bit of a deal about it being private and trustworthy so I though it was better than it was, But considering how many companies, people, politicians, etc are trying to screw other people over,  no shock what so ever that they or any one else would screw the consumer without a second thought to it being wrong.

  • I do use Chrome and occasionally use Incognito Mode.  I am not surprised at all by this.  I think Chrome continually collects data even when using Incognito Mode.  I think they have been doing it all along.  I use both Chrome and Firefox.  I enter a lot of online sweepstakes and I use both as some run better on one or the other.  I've just come to accept things the way they are but I do think Chrome is more sketchy about their data collection.

  • No because I never trusted Chrome for that exact suspicion. If you're not using Brave instead, you should start

  • yeah, nothing really surprises me out of google anymore...or any of the tech companies trying to change the rules about unionizing...

  • Incognito is not what you think it is...

  • Fines are often seen as the "cost of doing business." That's why they call it "Fine." It's acceptable. Like purchasing forgiveness from the church so you can get back to sinning. Buying "carbon credits" to cancel out the black smoke pumping out of the factory. If they are charged millions, they may change.

  • CCleaner pulled a fast one while I was on autopilot. Tricked me into clicking OK when the box to download their browser was clicked. It appears to be made of chrome, but with Firefox guts somehow. All of my FF bookmarks are accessible there. Weird. I keep hearing about Brave from other credible people. Maybe one day I will. Thanks for the tip,