Patient gamers, what are you currently playing?

Curious as to what other patient gamers are playing? Always looking for great older games that are on sale for a good deal.

  • Two point hospital, Surviving mars, Motorsport manager, Hearts of Iron 4, Mechabellum, Hearthstone, Borderlands, Endless Legends and space, Torchlight, Tropico and starcraft to name a few.

  • Not actively playing a lot of at the moment, but I have started Mass Effect. Planning a replay of Cyberpunk on Steam (I didn't play it through until last year, because I was afraid of it bricking my Xbox One S, it did crash half a dozen times at least).

  • I was playing Fallout New Vegas with the Tale of Two Wastelands mod. I never fully beat every DLC in Fallout 3 or New Vegas, so it was always on my backlog. 

  • Just started Deimon x Machina. Liking it  so far but I'm only 1 /2 into the game.

  • ESO just had their anniversary so I started playing that and still am. I tend to avoid this type of game but I read that you could solo most of the content and I like that idea. I also go back to Far Cry Primal every once in a while. Sometimes I just want to play with a bow and whacking stick, and ride a bear into battle. 

  • currently No Rest For The Wicked, it's been a nice Early Access so far

  • I have been yakuza series and they are amazing value these days. These games don't end lol

  • I have been playing Tales of Arise! If you are familiar with the Tales games it's an ARPG. It is a couple of years old and I got it for $5! It's a really fun game that I am still not finished with many hours in. 

  • eFootball, but I wouldn't recommend it for most. It's infuriating lol.

  • I've been playing the yakuza games I've started up Kiwami 2 again for a second play through. I highly recommend checking them out if you haven't the series goes on sale all the time and they are fun to play.