Can a gaming computer be used as a every day computer ? Is there any downsides or postives to strictly using for gaming? I currently have a Dell but it's not geared towards Gaming but seems to handle most games ok. I did upgrade from 4gig to 16gig ram

Can a gaming computer be used as as a every day computer? Is there any downside or positives to strictly using it for gaming or using it for both? I currently have a Dell but it's not geared towards gaming but seems to handle most games ok. It comes with a SSD and Physical Hard Drive both of which combine to over a terabyte of space and the only other thing I did was upgrade the Ram from 4 or 8 to 16gig.

  • yeah that's perfectly fine no real downsides.

  • No real downside unless you are talking about a laptop since weight becomes an issue on the go. 

  • Since a gaming computer is basically just a more powerful version of a standard computer, you should be 100% solid.

  • If it's a laptop, the downside would be that your physical hard drive might get scratched moving around and becomes really slow if not unusable. Can't think of anything else...

  • No not at all. Gaming computers can handle most things. If you play allot of different games then I'd recommend a bigger hard drive. SSDs are pretty cheap now.

  • should always work because a gaming pc means it has more power and more power is alwayys good :)

  • Really depends on your needs. As a gaming computer will have more raw power to do more stuff. My old Gaming PC (tower) is literally 10 years old and trucking along fine. Only downside is time as tech and software becomes more advance every week. As limitations was easily becoming noticeable but same time you have to be tech savvy at the same time. Thankfully as a kid I learn the best methods to prolong the life span of the hardware and software with daily/weekly maintenance from a software engineer who had ran Team Fortress Classic and Counter-Strike 1.6 servers back in the day.

  • I use mine for all things and have found no issues but maybe I'm doing it wrong.

  • No downsides. Really a plus for running more intensive programs for work

  • There are no rules but i would say for a pc is irrelevant and for a laptop there are 2 downsides one it may look too crazy for a work environment and it will be probably bigger than a regular laptop