Digital Games vs Physical Games

I am seeing it more often than not where a new console will come with a game, but the game will be a digital version. I still prefer to have a physical copy of the game, especially for a console. If I am paying to purchase a console they could at least give me the physical copy of the game. I assume it costs them less than $2 to manufacture the thing, yet they cheap out on it. I would liken that to buying a printer and they do not include a printer cable. Sure, I  already have several cables, but they should toss one in the box just in case.

  • Nowadays I prefer digital copies rather. They're easier to store and you can own  and access your games anywhere and forever. The physical games (which I own many of) are just taking up too much space and get dusty over time. Digital stuff is just so much more convenient.

  • I agree that when buying a new console they should put a physical version of the game its coming with it. I prefer digital games over physical games for the most part. I have some exceptions for it of course. If the physical version is cheaper or, if I see myself replaying it a lot, etc. But, digital games for me are so much more convenient, I save a lot of storage space with how many games I want to play. The biggest point for me is I game share with a buddy and we save a lot of money. 

  • I prefer physical games, I only ever buy digital games when I have digital cash on the platforms or there's no way to buy a physical version (I'll even import a physical copy if I have to) I don't believe in digital since companies are easy to delist games or "accidentally" ban accounts. I rather own my games even if i still unfortunately have to download the game from the disc. At least I know the game is still on the disc unless it's like the game jumpforce where they completely made the game unplayable. 

  • Mostly digital. Some stuff physical on the Switch (and rarely on the Xbox One S), the Switch mostly because of how limited the space is, and I don't want to upgrade the MicroSD card again. 

  • I used to always buy physical copy of games. But now, it's opposite. I only buy digital copy of games

  • I prefer the physical copy because it gives me a since of ownership of an item I actually purchased not to mention all of the hacks a glitches that can possibly happen in the digital word. So if anything happens I have a since of security by owning a physical copy.

  • This is why I like Limited Run Games. It gives me the chance to collect physical copies of games that would otherwise be digital only. Sure I don't want to have a physical copy of every game I own, but it's nice to have for a select few. 

  • I generally prefer digital, because the only console I have is a switch and I use it while traveling. The cartridges are small but I still only want to bring so many.

    The only thing I buy physical copies of are first party Nintendo games, since Nintendo's pricing strategy gives them great resale value. Not that I'll actually sell them, because 'what if Roflwant to play it again'? Rofl

  • Nintendo games are about the only physical ones I purchase nowadays, sometimes because these are cheaper than the digital versions. Xbox games are just cheaper digital. It's more convenient having digital. 

  • If i have storage, digital. if i dont? physical.