Am I the only one seeing the spam about customer service?

The PC gaming discussion group is plagued with posts about customer service and a phone number and I'm confused why there are so many? Did this happen with the whole girls from India situation? Is there no way to report them?

  • first it was hot women, now its crypto. this is insanely goofy.

  • It's there.    MORE  V  MODERATE   V  Report as Abusive

    Only thing you can do.

  • I see a bunch of posts about crypto

  • This is the second time this has happened, just report them and wait for admins to remove it. 

  • One day it was nothing but women from dubai

  • I saw it sometime back, not lately. 

  • I am not sure what you are referring to.  

  • I've only seen one batch of spam in my 2 months of recent activity but yes you're not alone.

  • Haven't noticed this spam yet, but probably will shortly. Hope it will be deleted and blocked very soon!