Am I the only one seeing the spam about customer service?

The PC gaming discussion group is plagued with posts about customer service and a phone number and I'm confused why there are so many? Did this happen with the whole girls from India situation? Is there no way to report them?

  • I handle seen this specific post but I remember the India posts. Report it and bring it to light and the posts should disappear. I agree though, it IS annoying. 

  • They are trying to contact you about your Extended Warranty.

  • Spammers are ubiquitous unfortunately. Not sure what can be done about that except reporting them and having the mods do something. 

  • It seems they do it overnight, just report them 

  • I think most of the Mods on this site are actually employees. They most likely have the weekend off. 


    Strictly speaking... that's not the only thing you can do. :-)

  • Yeah, the spam posts have been crazy lately. I've also seen a bunch of spam comments as well that seem like legit replies at first glance, but are really just promoting malicious sites. I hear we're getting a new community site in the near future, so hopefully it'll have some better ways to cut down on the spam.

  • Sound like a spam bot.

  • That's something you could try. Entirely out of my pay range. My computer technical skill set is more "fix unrelible 'a' key by pressing it harder."

    I was kind of impressed the first time I saw one of these videos, but now I generally assume they are fake. Not very hard to find a voice actor to do this. Is there reason to believe they are authentic?  

  • Why there's so many? My guess would be either random target or popularity of the site. As the site's popularity grows the more scammers it attracts. Same things happens with "Friends" on social media.