Do you like Daytrading?

I use my lenovo to day trade, do you? Do you day trade futures?

  • Very few day traders can make money, I prefer not to day trade at all.

  • I've tried to do it before, but lost money so now I just invest in individual stocks with sell limit and smp 500.

  • not at all - I've read that it's better to hold onto stocks in companies that pay good dividends

  • How many monitors do you use to track things? How many can you drive from your Lenovo?

  • I prefer to buy and hold, and mostly ETFs.

  • I prefer to Sell put options, Daytrading seems so stressful.

  • No, I do not do any 'DayTrading.' And I don't I will in the future.

  • My former brother in law was a Day Trader, he actually quit a very lucrative job with Verizon Wireless due to stress and began day trading. He actually made a pretty good living day trading. Unfortunately I don't have the time to day trade, but I've always found it fascinating.   is it lucrative? My trading involves stock purchases, sells, and crypto buys and sells. Yet, I'm considering diversifying if it's something I can do while working my job in tech. Is this possible? Where should I start with the learning process? 

  • I do not.   More and more the whole stock market is proving to be a scam.   Gamestop proved it.   That aside and ignored, you are at a serious disadvantage if you don't have the inside scoop on info.   If I were to trade, I would monitor and copy the house rep's and senator's trading moves.  

  • I do not "day-trade".    I don't have the desire to spend the require time and effort continuously monitoring trends to be successful at it.   But congratulate you for your effort and hope you are having good success.