What Is Your Favorite Super Hero Game?

With Spiderman: Miles Morales dropping today and talk of other Marvel and DC games coming to the new gen consoles and PC I am curious.....

What is your favorite superhero game? 

There are some good ones out there. 

  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
  • Batman Arkham Franchise.
    Infamous Second Son.
    Marvel vs Capcom.
    Injustice 2.
    Lego Marvel Games.
    DC Universe Online.

*Extra points for worst... i.e. Superman by Titus on the N64

Parents Reply
  • I tried playing this again about a year ago after having played as a kid and I couldn't get past most of the levels. How the hell I was able to beat that boss and escape the facility as Cyclops when I was 8 is beyond me. This game is impossible.