What to do with old PCs?

I'm curious what everyone does with their old PCs? Strip them of parts to add to your hoard, recycle, sell, trade, refurbish and donate? Thinking

  • I'll usually keep my previous PC for a bit in case my new one ever breaks so I have a backup. Otherwise I just keep the HDDs and try to sell w/o a HDD, or put in a cheap HDD to show that it boots into Windows.

  • I trade in my laptops, but the PCs I build last so long that generally no one is going to seriously want to strip them for parts. 

  • I would like to recycle my old tower pc and chromebook but I still have these. I need to declutter. Less is more! 

  • Mostly horde. If the PC is small and power efficient I use as a file\media server. 

  • Pretty much just hoard. With the exception of one Desktop PC that got donated (it was still in decent shape, and at the time not super old), and a laptop that got taken to electronic recycling because it was fully dead. I think almost everything else is still here, including my first desktop PC that I got when I was 13. 

  • I usually give my Old PCs away depending on the condition of it. 

  • List them cheap enough and somebody will pick them up parts or whole

  • I have traded them in and I also have donated one. 

  • Turn them into a home theaters or give the parts away to friends and family. 

  • Well, before I learned how bad they are for the environment, I used to use them as targets then throw them away. I really cringe at that now as I think of a couple of things we had are of interest to certain collectors. They're not worth lots of money but knowing someone might have had some joy restoring and using my old stuff makes me feel bad. Even one of my old CRT monitors I've seen people buying on Ebay. I do have to say that shooting up those things that had been causing me months of grief before finally replacing them was a bit therapeutic, and then when Tannerite came along it was even better. Now I keep hoarding them until I finally can get them to a recycling center.