What to do with old PCs?

I'm curious what everyone does with their old PCs? Strip them of parts to add to your hoard, recycle, sell, trade, refurbish and donate? Thinking

  • You could keep one for a media server or just give it to a friend or family member who could use one. If you don't know anyone who could use a PC, then maybe look into selling it, but IMO the PC needs to be worth a good bit to warranty the hassle of trying to sell it haha

  • My current one is getting demoted to the family room when I upgrade. Once another generation passes to bump it out of there it will be old enough that recycling is probably the best option.

  • I gave my (sizeable) hoard away last time I moved... but it's begun to regenerate. I have the rig I built in /2008 still (in the same case from 2002 lol), my old laptop i was thinking of using in a MAME cabinet, a couple of Xeon workstations and "desktop replacement" laptop they were gonna throw out at work that only need a drive...

  • I would either recover some of the parts like the hard drive or try to give them away to friends / family if possible. Helps saves costs and limit e-waste.

  • I give them up to family that needs one. It doesn't happen often but I try to give them away. If I could donate them I would.

  • Just put them in the grudge and eventually throw them away. I don't really buy an expensive machine so that's that

  • I had to get rid of all my old ones a few years ago when I moved. I only had time to strip the few HD's I hadn't already removed. I had quite the collection of PC's that weren't currently working (none had a working power supply was main repeated issue) I wish I had had more time and a bit more space on moving truck for a few of them at least. I had like 8-10 towers and like 4-6 flat style pc's. We still have a lot of random parts, most will never be needed.. Parts from early 2000s PCs..

  • I have a small pile. I will use them to practice repair skills.  Another good option is disassembling and selling individual functional parts to help others repair their devices. Old parts can be hard to find and desperately needed for  few people. Can be more profitable than trade-ins.