Fellow laptop gamers?

Who here has a laptop as their main gaming rig? 

  • Right here. I have a Lenovo Legion 5 17ACH6. It has a Ryzen 5 5600H, NVIDIA GTX 1650, 8GB of RAM, and 512GB of storage. I've been wanting to upgrade the ram and storage capacity however. Are there struggles for being a laptop gamer? For me, it's knowing that I can't upgrade much at all.

  • me. taking my laptop anywhere I want to

  • Just got a Legion not too long ago and I am enjoying it quite a bit as my main rig.

  • Me and I might need a new laptop pretty soon. It's getting slow!

  • I do pretty much use my laptop as my main rig only because the processing power is stronger than on my desktop.  

  • In my family ALL of us game on our laptops as our main gaming rig.

    Wife: HP Gaming laptop with Nvidia (Intel CPU)

    Eldest Daughter: Asus Gaming laptop (AMD)

    Middle Daughter: HP Gaming laptop (AMD)

    Youngest Daughter: HP Gaming laptop (AMD)

    Me: Acer Gaming laptop with Nvidia (Intel CPU)

    For us it allows us to all be in the same room or at least in close proximity to together. The iPX computer I built as a pseudo console for our living room TV is used infrequently but for couch co-op or adversarial sports or fighting games.

    What about you   are you primarily a laptop gamer?

  • I mainly use my laptop on my weekdays as I travel a lot for work. It has a lot of power for how portable it is. 

  • Main workstation, great for portability and travel cases. Some things are best on a desktop for productivity!

  • I use mine for more recent games.

  • I found that I had to uninstall the XBox app on my Legion to get Quest link to work. FYI