Does creating your own Web site interest you?

It still interests me.  Eyes  I like that Web sites exist as an alternative to social media. I just don't see many people stating, "Check out my new Web site," these days. That was all the rage in the 90s - embedded Flash animation / games and all... before the existence of WordPress template-based Web sites. I miss the old creative personal Web sites - they had a touch of personality. Every now and then, I'll spot a very creative personal Web site. I hope others are still interested in expressing yourselves and showcasing your activities through your own Web sites  Globe with meridians 

FYI - You can get free SSL Secure Certificates from Let's Encrypt, but you have to renew them every 90 days... which isn't too bad (I use the service myself) Thumbsup 

  • Eventually yes. Still need a business model to do so.

  • Eventually yes. Still need a business model to do so.

  • Sounds great, Geoffrey!  Thumbsup  If you haven't already looked into it, you might want to consider hosting a Web site on a cloud service instead of using a traditional ISP. I haven't experimented with cloud-hosted Web sites yet, but it offers an interesting value proposition - you basically pay for how much your Web site gets accessed instead of flat monthly / yearly payments that might be over and above what you need to be paying. Amazon offers a free tier to lure you in, I mean get you started... lol. I might test it out with one of my existing domain names. Best of luck!  Rocket