Does creating your own Web site interest you?

It still interests me.  Eyes  I like that Web sites exist as an alternative to social media. I just don't see many people stating, "Check out my new Web site," these days. That was all the rage in the 90s - embedded Flash animation / games and all... before the existence of WordPress template-based Web sites. I miss the old creative personal Web sites - they had a touch of personality. Every now and then, I'll spot a very creative personal Web site. I hope others are still interested in expressing yourselves and showcasing your activities through your own Web sites  Globe with meridians 

FYI - You can get free SSL Secure Certificates from Let's Encrypt, but you have to renew them every 90 days... which isn't too bad (I use the service myself) Thumbsup 

  • I'd like to know how to do it but I have no idea what I'd put on it.

  • I'd like to know how to do it but I have no idea what I'd put on it.

  • Thanks for your reply, Anthony VSmile  Beyond showcasing some of my art and photographs, I usually had a commercial interest in it - to sell or market something I was working on, personal or business related. Digital art, movies, music, comic books, photos, computers, computer hardware & software, services for hire, consulting, etc. Considering what alternative forms of subscription entertainment are out there, paying for Web site hosting is fairly inexpensive - $10-$15/month Web hosting + $21/year domain renewal. Most people pay more for cable TV, but with a Web site, you can maneuver it into a business venture. The best part is that you mostly have full control over it - its appearance, how much text, how many images, the types of interactivity, choice of server apps, messaging, payment systems for product & services sales, email, file sharing, etc.

    Because it is an expense, you are wise to consider what to place on your Web site before you test the waters. Hopefully, it will be something that will eventually generate enough income to pay for itself... or offer you enough self-enjoyment that the expense seems minimal Thumbsup  I wish you the best of luck!