Does creating your own Web site interest you?

It still interests me.  Eyes  I like that Web sites exist as an alternative to social media. I just don't see many people stating, "Check out my new Web site," these days. That was all the rage in the 90s - embedded Flash animation / games and all... before the existence of WordPress template-based Web sites. I miss the old creative personal Web sites - they had a touch of personality. Every now and then, I'll spot a very creative personal Web site. I hope others are still interested in expressing yourselves and showcasing your activities through your own Web sites  Globe with meridians 

FYI - You can get free SSL Secure Certificates from Let's Encrypt, but you have to renew them every 90 days... which isn't too bad (I use the service myself) Thumbsup 

  • I have had some in the past, but they are hard to build and costs add up in the long run. Not only that, but the best names are all taken.... 

  • None at all. It is so stressful.

  • I have a vision of a site I'd like to setup up mainly as a utility for myself and some buddies...but I don't have the time to work on it, unfortunately. Nonetheless, I absolutely see the value in setting up websites...and I do miss the old days when that was your way to show off to the world : )

  • I like the idea, but its only practical if you need practice in making one or have a side hustle or need for greater exposure. Most people don't have this need and don't need a website. That said, I would like one if the price was right.

  • Maybe for my own purposes, not so much for publishing out into the world

  • As someone who used to be a Wordpress web designer, no. The maintenance headaches are not worth it. It evolves way too much and way to quickly, so templates constantly break with updates.

  • Thanks for your reply, Eduardo  Thumbsup  I'm happy to see you dabbled with your own Web sites  VSmile  In the past, I know some people who actually created and bought domain names solely to resell them in the future at a higher price - similar to crypto or Beanie Babies... lol. I never felt this was in the spirit of the Web, but if people can find a way to make money, they'll often overlook such moral dilemmas.

    If you wait awhile, sometimes the name you're hoping to get will eventually become available because the previous owner stopped paying for it. I was once able to get the name I wanted a few months after I had seen it was originally taken.

  • I find it too much work and the amount of time needed to maintain your own website, therefore I prefer not to make one.

  • Thanks, Toby!  Smiley  I recently conversed with a client to discuss migrating their company's existing CMS Web solution to something else, like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc., and I wound up travelling down a rabbit hole into cloud deployments and containerized apps, etc. There are several new options to deploy Web sites, but I agree, the complexity of all the moving parts can be overwhelming.

  • Thanks for your reply, Eli  Smile   Add one of your sites to your profile here, and I'll make sure to visit it  Thumbsup