Advice on selling old laptops

So I recently upgraded to a Lenovo Legion Pro 5i and I have two old HP laptops (an both Envy's 2014 and like 2018)  is it worth trying to sell them at all?  And if I do sell them, would a factory reset be sufficient to remove my personal data off the computers?

  • I'm not as familiar selling PCs, but I'd say their value doesn't hold as well as Macs do over time. So it might be worth it depending on the system specs. I wouldn't expect a ton. It looks like the 2018 model goes for about $1,199, so that will surely net yourself some good cash. The 2014 might be a lot less, maybe around $500. But total, ya I'd say it's worth it.

  • I'm not aware of the 'Pros & Cons' on selling old PC's. It would be nice to remove/delete all your personal information before selling them. Good luck and enjoy the profits.

  • FB market place is a great place. if not there then offerup and ebay are great places too

  • Weigh the money realized vs. the risk of data recovery possible off the hard drive. Then make your call.

  • Not a tech but Id run a reset and do a clean install of the OS just to be safe.

  • HP Envy is HPs mid tier line but since they are about 10 years and 6 years old respectively they’re not worth much. 10yo one is for sure <$100 but 2018 depending on specs could go for a few hundred.

  • Those computers are pretty old. Probably not worth much. Maybe keep one as an emergency backup in case your new computer gets lost or stolen. Donating to a school or charity is always an option too. 

  • Isaac, I don't think a factory reset overwrites your existing data by default. You'd have to perform a full format, not a quick format, so that it overwrites your existing data with random ones & zeros, or just zeros. Otherwise, any data that hasn't been overwritten on the drive will still exist, and a tool like Recuva can detect it and retrieve it. 

  • Check for comparable pricing on Decluttr and Backmarket. Reset multiple times to lock any remaining information away. Forensic Technologist can recover data if only 1 or 2 resets have been completed.

  • In my area, FB marketplace is the go-to for selling online.   Do a Google search for software that securely deletes "blank" disc areas.   There has to be some freeware out there somewhere.    Stolen identity sucks.   Guard yourself.