Future of Gaming

Where If the Future of Gaming heading? a High tech PC, Next Generation Mobile, Next Generation Console, Next Generation in Virtual Reality, or will it be something else?

  • I think it will be Virtual Reality gaming. The level of immersion is.unlike anything you can experience in normal 3d gaming. As the tech gets better and more affordable I think we will see a surge in both VR gamers and developers moving toward VR games. That being said I still think we are several years from that happening.

  • I agree with VR Gaming. With PSVR2 and Quest headsets becoming more affordable and easier to use and set up for the average person, it will take over eventually.

  • Certainly the visuals of VR are the future...I wonder if the physical aspects will be the future if there is a need to be as physical as the real world or your skill set needs to be as honed as high level experts and the 'slop' of a game does not cover for the difference.

  • I agree, after holding off I just bought a quest two and it surpassed my expectations 

  • +1 for VR gaming in the future but probably takes at least 5 more years of development for better hardware, more adoptions and AAA titles.

  • I think we'll still have options I think VR will get much much bigger but"flat gaming" will always have its place since it is still more relaxing

  • It's definitely VR. It's going to explode over the next decade.

  • I'd expect more and higher quality VR games....  But still expect PC and Console  games to dominate.

  • I would definitely say VR.  I wasn't 100% sure, but my brother brought over his Oculus and the first time I accidentally stepped off a ledge and felt that panic response of "oh crap! I'm falling"  It's going to take off, the question is when to buy in.

  • I think that gaming is definitely heading towards more immersive game play. Virtual reality is become more accessible each day.