Livestream platform discussion - what do you use?

What platform do you prefer to watch/stream gaming content on?

With Mixer now gone, there are only three real platforms to consider in the US: Twitch, Facebook Gaming, and YouTube Gaming.

Do you have a preferred platform? Or have you been moving between platforms lately?

  • I exclusively watch and stream on Twitch because Prime Gaming cannot be beat with the free subs.

  • It's definitely making it harder to watch on twitch with all those ads but I couldn't see myself going anywhere else.

  • That's true but I need to get that coin and 95% of my subs come from twitch prime.

  • I've only ever streamed to Twitch as it's what I'm most familiar with at this point. I tend to keep YouTube just for video uploading whenever I do, but truthfully I mostly just stream in Discord in voice chats because it's easier and faster for me to use without having to plan. Still working up the courage and motivation to actually stream to Twitch from my laptop lol, progress is being made though.

  • I've been using Twitch exclusively since Mixer shut down. I tried to stream on Youtube, but I wasn't able to get the stream working. It doesn't seem as user friendly as Twitch.

  • Haven't tried Twitch as we've been using Facebook as our platform. Most of our viewers are using mobile. 

  • I stream on Facebook and its been a ton of fun, I have friends that stream on Twitch and Facebook on alternating days, so been thinking about moving a few streams a week to twitch and giving it a chance. 

  • I definitely prefer YouTube the most just cause I’ve been watching it since is was around 9 years old. But I do like twitch as well. I haven’t ever seen a Facebook stream; not really sure to to watch one anyway.

  • I'm using YouTube mostly right now, but looking to move into Glimesh.