Livestream platform discussion - what do you use?

What platform do you prefer to watch/stream gaming content on?

With Mixer now gone, there are only three real platforms to consider in the US: Twitch, Facebook Gaming, and YouTube Gaming.

Do you have a preferred platform? Or have you been moving between platforms lately?

  • Oooooh interesting - what makes you want to try Glimesh?

  • I mainly stream on twitch, but i have been want to do an experiement of me switching from twitch to Youtube and see if I get more reach on Youtube more than I do on Twitch.

  • I only watch through Twitch and don't love having to switch platforms. I'm just a viewer tho, I don't stream Slight smile

  • I have never used Facebook to watch gaming content and did not have a Twitch account before joining the Legion community. The only platform I use is YouTube for that purpose. After owning phones with 8GB and 16GB storage, YouTube was more convenient to use when I didn't have enough space to download the apps I wanted. It always came downloaded to the phone, so I didn't have to search for it. After having 32 and 64 GB, the old habits of worrying about how many GB are available still follow me. Circumstances made me learn to delete photos, and messages, and delete apps that I don't use often, even when I didn't need to do all of that.       

    Another reason why I prefer YouTube is because I already know how to use it. I know YouTube and YouTube know what I want to watch. I don't like having too many accounts on too many apps for the same purpose because it's hard to control.

  • I like using Twitch mostly, but have been thinking about checking out YouTube. 

  • I have been watching a lot of streams throughout the year 2020-2023 they always give me a reason to be happy. I only watch videos and streams on YouTube, the reason for this is because I don’t really have any experience with twitch and I like the format of YouTube. The only thing I do on facebook is to look at pictures of Uromastyx because the redit page for the Uromastyx is abandoned. I have a lot of problems with the way I use my phone no matter what i do I always have it on me and I only like watching one type of thing and than I stop and go onto the next thing. When the covid pandemic first started I remember what I was watching on YouTube it was something I already seen before but I just wanted to see it again one night. The person I was watching was ssundee, his troll craft series to be specific I always enjoyed watching YouTube and I was usually playing some game while I was doing it. After I finished that series I stoped watching YouTube and went to Netflix, on Netflix I watched the series Lucifer and than I went back to YouTube and watch all of vanoss gaming prop hunt and hide and seek g mod videos.

  • I prefer twitch but have been thinking about changing over to Youtube, 

  • I've used Mixer and then Twitch for the rest of the time..

  • I started watching on Youtube but later preferred Twitch, Facebook is never it lol