Livestream platform discussion - what do you use?

What platform do you prefer to watch/stream gaming content on?

With Mixer now gone, there are only three real platforms to consider in the US: Twitch, Facebook Gaming, and YouTube Gaming.

Do you have a preferred platform? Or have you been moving between platforms lately?

  • Oooooh interesting - what makes you want to try Glimesh?

  • I mainly stream on twitch, but i have been want to do an experiement of me switching from twitch to Youtube and see if I get more reach on Youtube more than I do on Twitch.

  • I only watch through Twitch and don't love having to switch platforms. I'm just a viewer tho, I don't stream Slight smile

  • I like using Twitch mostly, but have been thinking about checking out YouTube. 

  • I have been watching a lot of streams throughout the year 2020-2023 they always give me a reason to be happy. I only watch videos and streams on YouTube, the reason for this is because I don’t really have any experience with twitch and I like the format of YouTube. The only thing I do on facebook is to look at pictures of Uromastyx because the redit page for the Uromastyx is abandoned. I have a lot of problems with the way I use my phone no matter what i do I always have it on me and I only like watching one type of thing and than I stop and go onto the next thing. When the covid pandemic first started I remember what I was watching on YouTube it was something I already seen before but I just wanted to see it again one night. The person I was watching was ssundee, his troll craft series to be specific I always enjoyed watching YouTube and I was usually playing some game while I was doing it. After I finished that series I stoped watching YouTube and went to Netflix, on Netflix I watched the series Lucifer and than I went back to YouTube and watch all of vanoss gaming prop hunt and hide and seek g mod videos.

  • I prefer twitch but have been thinking about changing over to Youtube, 

  • I've used Mixer and then Twitch for the rest of the time..

  • I started watching on Youtube but later preferred Twitch, Facebook is never it lol