What are some good on-line co-op games?

What games do you enjoy playing in on-line co-op? From FPS to sports games what have you really enjoyed? I'm currently playing Golf with Friends and enjoying the simple, sometimes relaxing, sometimes frustrating nature of the game.

  •  I really enjoyed playing Sniper Elite 4 with a friend. I heard It Takes Two is also a good 2 player co-op and Sony's Sackboy A Big Adventure is coming to pc this fall. All of the Little Big Planet including Sackboy are excellent co-op games. So glad to see at least one of them launching on pc.

  • Depends on the genre and how many people you want to co-op with.

    But off the top of my head, there's Ibb And Obb for a platformer. It's a physics puzzle based platformer where you have to work together to do anything, it is a PURELY co-op game, that is to say.

    You could try some of the older Splinter Cell games, those always have fun co-op.

    I'm sure if you named a specific genre I could think of a specific game, I'm always bad at suggesting things broadly.

  • Orcs Must Die 3 is a really great co-op game. Divinity 2 is another game that has a solid co-op campaign. 

  • Haven't played much online co-op lately but when I did, my friends and I enjoyed Overcook, Risk of Rain, Raft and Pummel Party.

  • left 4 dead 2 is a fun game, but tf2 is always a great option. 

  • While sometimes frustrating to the max, I'd have to say that if I get a good team, Fallout 76 is my go to co-op game.

  • One of my favorites has to be call of duty! 

  • This is kind of an oldie and an oddball, but me and my friends like to Boot up Gauntlet: Slayer edition every once and a while. It's a fun co-op hack and slash game.

  • I enjoyed playing the Trine series with a friend online. You can co-op as two and share the third person in the trio or co-op as a group of three. It's a nice RPG-style game with great art and a smooth mechanics.

  • Been having a good time with the dark pictures Anthology games in co-op