Gaming Setup - Should I buy a PlayStation or Gaming PC

Hi All,

I have been considering another console. I have an XBOX Series X that I game on frequently. I have a group of friends that also play on PC and PS. Lately they have been playing Helldivers II and making me want to play with them!!

In the past I have considered a PlayStation for some of the exclusive games like The Last of Us and Spiderman. 

As these can both be played on PC, would it be more worthwhile to go with a gaming PC? I like the ease of use of a console, but I am sure I could get used to PC! Also, there is a new XBOX coming soon I have heard, so should I just save my money for that and ignore the FOMO!

What do you guys think?

  • If you would like to wait on the new xbox that's up to you since if nothing really changes with the new one you'll always have your series x. On the other hand getting a PS5 means new library of games that's not on xbox series x and if you don't own a ps4 then a larger library that's not on xbox. Some of PS games are on PC but if you prefer console gaming and the large library I would suggest the PS5. I will add on for PC it depends on your budget and what graphics card you're planning on getting since these days companies are making slightly older graphics cards hard to use with their heavy requirements for certain games. PS5 is the cheaper option but a PC obviously has a lot of perks that console doesn't have but it won't have the full library of games from PS though. It up to you obviously but these are the things that comes to my mind when buying. 

  • Definitely get a PC. Way more games. Plus, do we really trust Sony after that Helldivers debacle?

  • PC is always the first choice - sure, more expensive, but you can do a whole lot more with that than just gaming (which it can do wonderfully) - you can always upgrade stuff as you go too if you wanted to.  If you want a console anyway, I like PS - I just like their exclusive games more.

  • I vote for a pc. <3

  • I always vote for PC. You can just do so much more, and consoles are really limited.

  • I would definitely choose a PC over a PS5.

  • If you love console gaming probably PS5.  That being said I would go PC just for the library of titles and options available, though that will be the more expensive option.

  • I habebno problems with consoles and grew up on them. That said, PC is still my choice. The flexibility, massive amounts of games from all genres and generations, and all the freebies available are awesome. Just do a little resurge and don't go PC broke. Get what will last youna few years and enjoy. 

  • The PC would be the most flexible.