Hey chat. What is the most underrated pc game out there? I’m talking a hidden gem. I’ve been trying to find new games but they haven’t been hitting for me recently.

  • So I came across a roguelite called Warm Snow that fits both the underrated and hidden gem categories for me. It resembles Hades in many ways but with loose Chinese mythology and less extensive dialogue. The combat is a lot of fun and there are some interesting builds to play with but not quite as deep as Hades. There is a free demo on Steam you can try. I would say if you like games like Hades and Dead Cells you will have a blast with this game. I am going to list a second game which is Nex Machina. It is an excellent arcade twin stick shooter from Housemarque, the devs of Resogun and Returnal. It is one of my FAVORITE top down twin stick shooters of all time with interesting power ups, weapons, abilities and level design and graphics. I have become a big fan of Housemarque over the years. They make really good shooters but were under the radar until Sony bought them and Returnal came out. Nex Machina is available on Steam and I am not sure if there is a demo but if you like the genre you will love this game.

  • I still like StarCraft Broodwar. It was so ahead of its time. I still feel like I could play it today, and it would still feel fun.

  • Expeditions Rome is easily the most underrated game of the past few years. WarTales somehow got more publicity/traction than this game. I actually like the turn-based gameplay a lot better than Baldur's Gate 3. Great story, too--though not quite as expansive as BG3. 

  • Binary Domain. Completely underrated 3rd person shooter with a creepy story and awesome aesthetic.

  • It will really come down to what you like. For me, Slay the Princess and Long Live The Queen are some of my favorite games, but they are visual novels. This genre isn't very popular and they are not winning any awards on a major gaming showcase. 

  • Both Limbo and Inside by Playdead. very eerie, somewhat quick puzzle-platformer games, but they always hold a special place in my heart. They have a lot of beautiful scenery/imagery if you're much of an artsy guy. Check em out anyways!

    Another gem to me was A Story About My Uncle.

    Otherwise, My go-to's (might be more popular, not hidden gems) are:
    Witcher (whole series)
    Metro (whole series)
    Cyberpunk 2077

  • Star Renegades in my recommendation. It's a great Roguelite, turn based retro futuristic game with a solid soundtrack and replay value to boot. It was like re-discovering FTL without hearing hype beforehand.

  • All the old 90's Point-and-Click adventure games! Sam & Max Hit the Road, Day of the Tentacle, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. Or same feel but newer, the Deponia games were banger!!

  • Fallout shelter, Motorsport manager, Minion Masters, Banished, Project highrise, Little big workshop, and Going Medieval come to mind as gems that should get more notice.

  • There are a ton of Indie games with like, 100 players ever.  suteF is a game I liked.  Charles Barkley's Shut up and Jam: Gaiden.  I'll also take the moment to shill a friend's indie game: .  There's a Cyberpunk game made by a native Hawaiian called Neofeud.