What's your favorite non-photorealistic rendering style used in a game?

Many AAA video games continue the push towards real-time 3D photorealistic visuals, but there are a bunch of other rendering types / styles out there like: 2D traditional cell animated; 2D hand-painted or penciled; aged black & white (sepia); 3D cartoon-like; experimental; etc. Is there a non-photorealistic rendering style that you like, or one that really sets the tone of a game for you?

  • I like the style that is used in the Borderlands series.

  • Thanks, Wiz042! Thumbsup 'Definitely some stylized visuals there - selective / limited color palette and outline inks (a still shot might actually look like a page out of a modern comic book / manga)  Eyes

  • I like the style in Children of Morta.

  • Thanks for your reply, Mike!  VSmiley  Children of Morta has some great 2D pixel art / sprites - I can see why you like it!

  • I still remember the moment i finished Half Life Alyx, maybe it's also because it's my favorite AAA VR game

  • Okami is the prettiest for me, but Jet Grind Radio is the one I spent the most time with.

  • falling star ps2 looks good for me

  • I love games that are inspired by stop-motion animation and claymation. My favorite example would be Lost in Random because it combines both of these aesthetics with german expressionism to bring out its dark fantasy. 

  • cell shading and pixel art will stand the test of time generally. I'd rather games have great gameplay with mediocre graphics these days. AAAs with amazing visuals are a dime a dozen.

  • Agreed. The cell shading of jet grind radio was great. Crisp, clean, and really matched the theme of the game. It was used for zelda windwaker as well. I wish more adventure games would use it