What would your last meal be?

Think of your favorite foods. If you had to choose one what would your final meal be what would it consist of? 

  • This ones kind of a tough; I'd probably go with chicken tenders and fries since they're my favourite go-to.

  • Probably just a lot of desserts, I love chocolate. Freshly baked cookies would be the top choice.

  • I would go with a full-on buffet style with multiple different types of food from around the world. I've seen those review videos by Josh Slavin on death row meals and man I would never pick a single item. Just seems like a waste if you aren't having variety. 

    1 simple/classic cheeseburger with 2 smashed patties

    10 Oz of Texas Brisket 

    a bowl of jjajangmyeon

    4 tacos of different meat (beef tongue, steak, tripas, and Birrieria)

    an unagi roll without sauce

    a bowl of Yu Xiang eggplant 

    a bowl of Tom Yum Gong

    2 plantain coconut eggrolls 

    1 pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream

    1 slice of butternut squash cheesecake 

    A random assortment of pan dulce

    1 ginger beer

    1 soju bottle

    1 teapot with lemon ginger tea

  • We could be friends fellow eater lol. Good picks on Soju, mint chocolate ice cream, Yu Xiang eggplant and jjajangmyeon. I'd choose all of that, but swap the Soju for baijiu. I'd also want:

    - Guo bao rou
    - Hot pot
    - mochi
    - youtiao
    - mac and cheese, double cheesy
    - americano

  • I think I would have to go with a melt-in-your-mouth filet from Del Frisco's smothered in butter and cooked medium rare. Either that, or the most exotic, fresh and expensive sushi available! Slight smile

  • Some sort of meat (pork probably), Coca-Cola or Pepsi, and French fries. While there are many great foods out there, these are my favourite. 

  • I came here to say the same thing. Either that or a burger and fries and ofc a milkshake/ chocolate ice cream, Oreo, and frozen strawberries with whipped cream and sprinkles on top Slight smile

  • Morbid... but... definitely steak. Probably a filet mignon, medium rare. Garlic mashed potatoes, some focaccia, and finish out with strawberry cheesecake.