What movies or TV shows would you like to see be made into a video game?

Most video games don't make good for good TV or movies. But what TV or movies would you like to see be made into a video game?

  • Stranger Things. Play as Eleven, or maybe even better, as another kid with similar abilities. Something along the lines of the game F.E.A.R. would be cool. So much content, I think it could be a great foundation for a series of games. 

  • A spinoff parallel adventure with another kid is a great idea. Lots of open options and opportunities. Don't have to worry about characters, canon, spoilers, etc. New people can dive into either one knowing nothing about the backstory.

  • - Mass Effect (if done right by following lore and writing style).

    Excellent open world with amazing world building. I've come across a few controversial characters playing the game. Left me wondering on choices I made to affect someone else or another world. 

  • The Heroes TV series could have been an interesting MMO

  • A Mandalorian game would be great, too bad nobody at Disney thought to make one. 

  • Friends or Doctor Who

  • Ready Player One would be a good one!